Maker of the Rain Official Music Video by Joe Charter Music #joechartermusic

Maker of the Rain Music Pre-release Preview By Joe Charter November 6th 2022. The Scientist say the earth is a big ball spinning in the middle of “thin air” and then NASA fakes moon landing 1963. The ancient script clearly states the earth is a firmament (Study it Yourself) The land is surrounded between the waters above and below (The Firmament) , this is why the clouds give rain due to the work of perfection. The earth is stationary while the moon and sun were set in motion for day and night. All water is level. There is no ball of earth. For many years I believed the main stream media on almost every subject. Now all things are clear, we were deceived by the tyrants of the world in the high places. Still to this day people believe Elon Musk is another space traveler when nothing is further from the truth, the lies continue to be produced for televisions and computer screens. The earth is a firmament. The stars are set in the upper firmament.