Note from the founder: We will always give our support for the long term, this is a relationship that matters, when you succeed we succeed!

Joe Charter, Producer

How we help you grow your reach.

Through a variety of services such as live broadcasting opportunities, Life Interview documentation productions, business commercials, comedian development, aspiring podcasters/podcaster shows, musician mentoring and so much more!

We have many tools to help you reach more people.

Using our specially developed systems for FCM, we connect social media like no other media company can through multi-channel distribution and simulcast digital methods without outsourcing. We are your outsource.

We provide video post production, script writing and Live broadcasting coverage of events, playhouse productions or other remote audio and visual capture.

We sponsor and promote “original music singer/songwriters” and we make it possible for musicians to build a music career through our “value for value” guided principals of FCM. Our large team of musician networks along with our expanding media reach make our company a “one stop shop” for audio, video and promotions. NO UPFRONT COSTS TO OUR MEDIA PARTNERS OR MUSICIANS.

FCM is a woodwind Media Group partner using our combined strength to produce the best content on multiple internet platforms and TV stations.

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