Woodwind Media Group was created to provide a publishing platform for podcasters, musicians, and filmworks by Providing a “one stop” for creative individuals to have mentoring, a producer, and promoter all in one place.

We support “creative works” promotions through a multi media network planning system

● Visual creative video/audio (Business and events commercials)
● Audio/visual productions of any kind
● Music artists promotions under our guidance
● Web site hosting and design management
● Social media expertise/support building and managing business social media outreach
● Social media cross-over promotions/Expert networking plans
● Live events video and audio capture
● Video podcasting support/Green screen rooms
● SEO (Web Search Engines Optimizations) support with organic human to human platform
● Google maps expert guide reviews and promotion included in every agreement
● Live interviews captured for future publishing from anywhere in the world

● We have diversified our reach through industry joint promotions and alignments over a long period of time due to our many years in music and film production as well as corporate professional industry networks international and national
● We have diversified our reach through professional industry contacts and organic businesses in manufacturing, restaurant designing, film makers and the music industry.
● We are known as a national and local podcast publishing company
● We do not keep our clients video productions in exchange for licensing/ownership transfer, our commercials are your files forever upon written agreement signed with no additional charges
● We have “in house” musical studios and two green screen rooms
● We can organize sponsorship’s with-in our network to combine promotional content
● We provide musical “jingles” in house and or if needed a large Nashville network of proven song writers willing to create for Woodwind Media Group/clients
● We are mobile, we can capture live events just as easily as a studio capture

Note from the founder: Nothing is by chance, if you are a passionate creative person and need direction and support I am here for you. Contact my company today to see how we may be able to help you reach your goals. Working with me will help you be consistent and persistent with your creative publications.

Joe Charter, Producer